Macdoch Ventures partners with talented entrepreneurs who are striving to build great companies. Macdoch invests its expertise and capital in early stage online media and enabling technology companies. As a team we share similar philosophies and values but our skillsets and backgrounds are diverse, covering operations, strategy, finance, marketing and advertising. Great companies are built by the entrepreneurs; our role is to invest in, mentor and support our entrepreneurs.

Our primary focus is Pre-Series A funding for companies that have demonstrated product market fit and are generating in the order of $20,000 to $50,000 in revenue per month. Macdoch Ventures can also help later-stage Australian companies access U.S. Series B & C Round capital through its SherpaOz offering.


We are the Venture Capital arm of The Macdoch Group: www.macdochgroup.com

Our combined experience is in building and investing in businesses from start up to multi-billion dollar enterprises.

Alasdair Macleod

Mike Robinson

Eric Lawrence


Macdoch Venture’s SherpaOz offering helps further the success of Australian fast-growth companies and complements local finance with US venture capital.

As in most parts of the world, when Australian startups succeed most eventually outgrow the ability of the local market to fund them. Even where Australian finance is available startups often see the benefits of having relevant US VCs on their board.

A 15-hour flight is bad enough, but making the right contacts and gaining access is even harder. Without a warm introduction and endorsement from someone well-known to the VC-firm, access by Australian startups to the US VC community is extremely time consuming and often difficult.

With SherpaOz you’ll be gaining a bridge to the US via a deeply connected partner on the ground, warm introductions to US VC firms & strategic investors, guidance through the US financing process from start to finish.

A track record of success: Allen Morgan, our Sherpa in Silicon Valley, has helped over 70 companies raise money in the US, ranging from angel rounds to financings of greater than $100M at valuations in excess of one billion dollars.

Allen Morgan



Our on-going focus is on direct investment in our portfolio companies. However we have taken positions in 4 funds whose remit is complementary to ours and whose management we admire:

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Macdoch Ventures is a private Sydney-based venture firm helping startups with financing, business development and other strategic advice. We focus on early stage digital media companies (broadly defined) and enabling technologies.
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