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Bailador is an expansion capital investment fund focused on the technology sector. The company was founded in December 2010 leveraging the expertise of the managers David Kirk and Paul Wilson.

The investment strategy focuses on taking positions in established technology businesses which have already proven their business model and have demonstrated very large growth opportunity. Bailador does not invest in startups. Bailador considers that this is the most attractive risk-return investment stage for the technology sector and seeks to further mitigate risk exposure through capital structure and contractual tools.

Important sub-sectors that Bailador looks at include ecommerce and subscription based internet businesses; online marketplaces; software -as-a-service; high value data. Foundation investments include:

  • SiteMinder-world leader in hotel channel management and distribution solutions for online accommodation bookings.
  • Standard Media Index-exclusive aggregator of advertising actual spend data for most global media buying agencies.
  • Viocorp-leading platform provider for publishing and broadcasting video and audio content through the web, IPTV and mobile services.
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Macdoch Ventures is focused on making early-stage technology investments, participating in select growth rounds, and identifying and supporting the next generation of venture fund managers. We are passionate about helping outstanding entrepreneurs and fund managers turn promising ideas into market-defining companies.

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