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Before we used PCs, we wrote on A4 notepads, added up in grid-lined ledger books, and presented using overhead transparencies. Microsoft turned those three basic manual technologies into the core of its Office suite: Word, Excel and Powerpoint. These were – and are – powerful technologies. But even as Microsoft and Google have helped to bring them to the cloud, they remain skeuomorphic renditions of technology from the 20th century (and earlier).

Qwilr has set documents free from the skeuomorphs. We believe that the future of documents is online. Not as sharable A4 documents, but as webpages. Not as things we print out (and eventually put into landfill), but as things we view on smartphones, tablets & desktops.

Qwilr is not just about power and beauty, it’s about efficiency. We want every document to be on brand without people having to think about it. We want the best pieces of copy to be at everyone’s fingertips. We want every version to be the right version.

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Macdoch Ventures is focused on making early-stage technology investments, participating in select growth rounds, and identifying and supporting the next generation of venture fund managers. We are passionate about helping outstanding entrepreneurs and fund managers turn promising ideas into market-defining companies.

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